The day the monkey is destined to die, all the trees get slippery

Installation, 2017. Collaboration by MOTOR (Margrét Agnes Iversen, Malte Klagenberg, Laurits Nymand Svendsen). Sound works by DJ JCAK, carla fra helles7ed, Søren Krag, Cilla Leitao, Sune Lysdal, Anna Samsøe, and Lorenzo Tebano. Above: short video version of installation featuring sound works, polyurethane cast of bamboo with phosphorescent paint, wire, disco ball motor, deserted storage room with reflective paint, stroboscope lamp, speakers, cd player.

Video of installation with full sound works.

00:13: Anna Samsøe – Akbar

05:22: Lorenzo Tebano – anotherbanger

11:59: carla fra helles7ed – pad5 klokker 360 h v i opbyggende rækker 1-360 div trans pan end apex 1-360 + mp3

22:50: Sune Lysdal – Lost soul

27:25: Cilla Leitao & Anna Samsøe – Calla Fuglanna

32:50: Søren Krag – fluorescentmonkeyoffice

Installation view (photo by Johan Rosenmunthe).